Is Japan Serious About Global Warming?

The chief climate change official in the United Nations challenged the Japanese government to clarify its commitment to pursuing a program that deals with global warming. Yvo de Boer wanted clarification about recent statements that Japan would focus on “industrial sectoral” approaches rather than focusing on a national program of dealing with environmental issues. “Recent statements in the Japanese media have made it less clear what Japan’s intentions are vis a vis sectoral approaches. There have been statements that sectoral approaooches are far superior to national goals and these create the impression that one is intended to replace the other.”

Japan increasingly has been talking about halving global greenhouse emissions by 2050 but that far away goal does nothing to alleviate conditions in the coming two decades. De Boer sharply criticized the United States, Canada and Japan for being negligent about global warming and wanted to know “what are the rich countries willing to put on the table to make” reduction of emissions a reality?

  • Paulidan

    The Japanese are also uber smart, perhaps some of them have also noticed the solar correlation…