Is Jesus Number One?

I recently came across a story which claimed that Jesus Christ was the most popular and well known person in the world. Of course, he can not be a “person” if his Dad is God. However, he certainly posed as a human during his brief stay on this planet. I assume humans will have to identify some category or term to employ when discussing those who are in the God family. After discussing this issue with a friend of the Republican Tea Party persuasion it is now clear to me there can not be two most popular people on this planet, one must be more popular than the other. If one puts the issue in this manner, then it is clear Ted Cruz towers above this Jesus freak. Why?

1. Ted understands if you are poor, then get off your butt and work to get into Harvard.
2. Ted understands that if one “gives” anything to another, the result is laziness toward those who “receive.”
3. Ted grasps that one cannot “give” to Job Creators because whatever they desire, they deserve. Any economic assistance to a Job Creator winds up making him wealthy which, in turn means, the entire society will benefit because of those wonderful jobs picking peaches and serving hamburgers. Economically, give me $50 million and I will give to America thousands of high paying jobs serving society.
4. This Jesus freak is really an offspring of that Marx freak, and I do not mean, Groucho Marx.
5. Ted is the only man on this planet willing to halt the drift toward creating a “hand out society” which caters to the lazy and denies wealth to those who work.