Is Jon Stewart Unfair To President Obama?

Comedian Jon Stewart created a fire storm of protest when he began attacking the administration of Barack Obama. Critics charge that Stewart is being unfair and apparently never understood that Barack Obama was not a liberal, but a moderate. Stewart has begun to mock Obama for failures to stand up to Republicans on key issues and an inability to convey programs in terms understandable to the American public. The president recently slammed his critics by emphasizing, “When I see Democrats griping and groaning,…” Well, let’s examine the record:

1. Candidate Obama, the moderate promised to end the ban on gays in the military.
2. Candidate Obama promised to do something concerning the decline in jobs. In fact, he assured the American people in 2009 that his stimulus package would reduce the unemployment rate. That was MODERATE Obama making the claim, not Liberal Obama. Critics such as Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman urged the president to get a job program in action. Obama dismissed Krugman as being hysterical.
3. Candidate Obama promised to bring in new faces to tired old Washington D.C. Just about everyone of his Cabinet members and advisors are long term residents of the capitol. Where were the fresh young faces that Franklin Roosevelt brought into government in 1933?
4. Candidate Obama promised to develop a new education program. So, he appointed a basketball playing friend who has never taught to continue Bush’s infamous No Child Left Behind program which is dumbing down our nation’s youth.
5. Candidate Obama promised to make changes in health policies such as preventing denial of health care for pre-existing conditions. Instead, he diverted energy for AN ENTIRE YEAR to a health program that does not offer a public option.

The overwhelming reason why Jon Stewart is angry–as are many of us– is complete failure of President Obama to clearly explain his ideas. He sits in Washington and hangs around with a close group rather than identifying five key points of his health care program or explaining anything in terms that might be understood by the nation.

President Obama was urged to examine the ideas of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 which focused on revamping banks and initiating a massive JOBS PROGRAM. He told advisors there was nothing to learn from FDR.

P.S. FDR and Democrats increased their congressional numbers in 1934.