Is Jordan Joining Human Rights Parade?

King Abdullah of Jordan in a television address to the people of Jordan announced he had gotten the message from Egypt and Tunisia and was ready to share power with political leaders. He claimed that his views on how to run the nation had changed and it was time for voting and free speech and all those nice ideas we associate with the concept of a democratic society. However, he did warn against moving in the direction of “the dictates of the street” which only results in chaos and “destruction.” He went on to promise support that will “guarantee the fairness and transparency of the electoral process.”

Of course, any movement toward democracy in Jordan confronts a few demographic issues. Jordan is no longer a nation in which the Bedouin group is the majority due to influx of Palestinians. The former refugees have become the majority in the nation. Will the king accept having his country ruled by those from Palestine? Tune in for the latest news as to whether, in reality, Jordan is a democratic naton or whether its king makes interesting speeches?