Is Karzai Kool To Reform?

The never changing saga of American attempts to bring democracy and good government to the people of this planet continues in Washington D.C. with the arrival of President Hamid Karzai from Afghanistan. President Obama met with the man who is has incredible talent to make gobs of money from US aid, but has a somewhat hard time getting rid of his corrupt cronies so the Afghan army has the leadership and money to wage effective war against the Taliban. Karzai and Obama agree in the importance of having Afghan soldiers in charge of fighting, they do not agree on how this goal can be attained. Karzai wants money, he wants control, he wants US soldiers to hang around and make certain the corrupt rulers of Afghanistan continue in power.

We Americans went down this road in China during the 1940s, in Vietnam during the 1960s, and for the past decade in Afghanistan. No money or soldiers should be sent to Afghanistan until Karzai selects technocrats to run the government and gets rid of his criminal buddies–including members of his own family!