Is Medvedev His Own Man Or Putin’s Obedient Son?

The intense speculation continues regarding President Vladmir Putin’s anointment of Dimitry Medvedev as his successor in the presidency. the 42 year-old lawyer has a strong academic background and is known for his work in the fields of education, housing and agriculture. He represents a sharp break from the old Soviet military-police background of Putin and the hundreds of former KGB agents who were appointed to key positions in the Putin regime. Does Medvedev represent Putin turning the torch of leadership over to the next generation of Russians or is Medvedev a Trojan Horse who will simply do the bidding of the man who gave him power? Some Russian critics term him as virtually the unofficial son of Putin. However, most foreign observers regard Medvedev as more liberal than Putin and less inclined to adopt hawkish antagonist stances against Western ideas.

Life can play tricks on even the best laid plans we seek to implement. Undoubtedly, Putin expects Medvedev to accept his advice, but once in the position of being president, Medvedev can venture onto paths not forseen by Putin. It is possible a new young leader might decide to alter the path Russia has been going on and switch to a more liberal and democratic stance that would foster liberal forces within his nation. Who knows? Only, Mr. Medvedev knows.