Is Medvedev Serious About Human Rights?

Every few months, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev shows signs of being aware that human rights is not the top agenda for his government, particularly with Putin as his prime minister. In a surprise move, he met with the human rights council of his nation and asked them to investigate the cases of Mikhail Khodorkovsky who just completed what passes for a “trial” in post Communist Russia. The Council was also charged with looking into the death of human rights activist, Sergei Magnitsky who died while in police custody. There were rumors he was denied access to needed medical care. In asking the Council to actively engage in a human rights issue, Medvedev recalled the work of Boris Yeltsin whose 80th birthday would be celebrated if he was still alive. Yeltsin attempted to restore democracy to Russia until he became ill and Putin took over as president. President Medvedev said all the right words to the council, but no one knows if they possess the power to investigate, report, and have their report regarded as an important document.

We will wait and see before passing judgment. Up to this point in time, Dimitry has diminished the office of president by allowing the ideas of Putin to dominate.