Is Mitt Chicken??

Some  businessmen and some politicians go to fancy restaurants and hold gala affairs in order to demonstrate they are important people. Thank God, that is not the attitude of one, Mitt Romney. He recently held an important business meeting at a local Chick-fil-a restaurant in order to make clear of his support for those who regard gays and lesbians as less than vermin. Acccording to informed sources, Mitt and his friends spent about $500 at this chicken fried restaurant.

I confess that it would be impossible for me and my friends to consume $500 worth of fast food anywhere in the United States of America. I can only assume that Mitt and his friends like to consume fat and grease. I guess if one is a fat head, what else does one eat but a lot of chicken?

Mitt, I know a nice Chinese take-out place, do you have a spare $500?