Is Mugabe For Real With Talk Of Peace?

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has spent the past several years engaged in a systematic program to destroy his nation’s economy and brutalize opposition members. Suddenly, he announced that “Zimbabweans is our together” and urged people belonging to all political parties to work together for the common good. “Fighting each other must end. “I hear there are still incidents where people’s homesteads have been burned. That must stop. We belong to different political parties but we must not fight each other.” Oh, the words come across as conciliatory and peaceful, but they come after the latest manifestation of incompetence in which he is seizing land owned by whites and turning those areas over to some of his incompetent allies who will continue the process of destroying rich land.

Mugabe told the world, “we have got the inclusive government so that we have unity, peace and stability.” We suspect the words are meant for the outside world and within Zimbabwe his thugs will continue brutalizing members of the opposition and stealing land.