Is Mugabe Ready To Surrender Power In Zimbabwe?

Discussions continue between President Mugabe of Zimbabwe and the opposing Movement for Democratic Change(MDC) whose leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is seeking to assume an important role in the proposed coalition government that might be formed. However, President Mugabe told a ceremony honoring those who died in the fight for independence from Great Britain the opposition MDC must be careful not to be “used by enemies” and vowed his nation never would be a colony again. “Let us not hand over the country to the enemy” he warned the MDC. In other words, if the MDC did anything that was supported by Great Britain they would be judged to be an enemy of President Mugabe.

Discussions have been continuing but the comments of Mugabe might indicate a stumbling block to any coalition government. During the past several years, Mugabe has ruined the farm economy of his nation by driving out efficient white farmers and replacing them with his stooges and friends who lack knowledge of effective farming methods. A new government would almost have to revive the farm economy and get the nation back to work. This would require working with American and European experts, something Mugabe fears because the doesn’t want his friends to give up the farms and businesses they appropriated from foreign sources.

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    If he’s dead yes…is he dead yet?