Is Netanyahu, Netanyahu’s Worst Enemy?

Ari Shavit writing in Haaretz raises the question as to whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau’s worse enemy is himself. There is no question of his intelligence, his ability to stimulate an economy, and his grasp of many intricate issues. But, says Shavit, “after a year in power, it is abundantly clear that today, the person causing the greatest injustice to Benjamin Netanyahu is Benjamin Netanyahu. It was Netanyahu who formed a government that had no future. It was Netanyahu who put together an unworthy governing team. It was Netanyahu who appointed a foreign minister(the goon, Avigdor Lieberman) who shames Netanyahu the statesman….It was Netanyahu whose bunker mentality has led the Netanyahu government to a dead end.” By any reasonable standard, the Netanyahu foreign policy is a failure which has resulted in angering former allies such as Turkey, the UK, the United States and even the EU.

Shavit emphasizes that time after time his friends urged that he act and outline sensible plans for peace, but he preferred to walk the straight line to disaster. What must Netanyahu do, asks Shavit: “He must understand that Israel the occupier endangers itself. He must understand that without a sharp change in diplomatic direction, Israel will not withstand the battle.”

A first step would be to fire the two bit goon, Avigdor Lieberman, who is the foreign minister and appoint someone who possesses diplomatic skills. He must place a freeze on new housing construction for at least one year, and that includes Arab areas of Jerusalem. To save face, proceed with building in predominantly Jewish areas. Netanyahu might call Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and urge a meeting whose goal is producing a specific peace plan–that will work!