Is Nigeria A Failed State

Something is not only rotten in the state of Denmark, but the country of Nigeria stinks to high heaven with intrigue that Shakespeare would love and plots and machinations behind the scenes by the wife of its leader. Famed writer, Wole Soyinka blasted his own nation as falling apart as stories filled the newspapers about violence in the Niger delta where local groups are fighting the government over their right to oil revenues and in the center of Nigeria that was rocked when Muslims attacked a village of Christians and killed over 300. In the midst of this madness, the president of the country has not been in the country for months as he dealt with illness in a hospital in Saudi Arabia. He returned but his wife, Lay Tural Yar’Adula completely controls who has access to the leader of the nation!

Wole Soyinka has reached the sad conclusion that ‘the level of anger has peaked. I don’t rule out Nigeria breaking apart.” This is a nation with large oil reserves which have never been used to create a vibrant economy, but definitely used to enrich the few with billions.