Is North Korea For Real?

It is extremely difficult attempting to interpret actions by the North Korean government and even the best “experts: are as much in the dark as anyone writing on the Internet. We simply do not know the “why” of current North Korean politics. Is the belligerence an attempt to pave the way for Kim Song Il to usher in his son as the next ruler of the nation? Is he really concerned about an attack on his nation, if so, by whom? There are too many uncertainties to identify the best way of dealing with a rogue president who may well be completely out of control. President Obama has been calm, he has assured the American people they are safe, and he continues trying to communicate with the hermits from the hermit kingdom of the north.

Hysterical voices on the right in America want Obama to do “something.” Perhaps, Obama can pick up on suggestions from Republican intellectual giant, Bill Bennett, who urged the president to send phone cards and Xerox machines to Iran. Perhaps, these items can be sent to North Korea. Of course, I would love to see the Xerox machines hit the ground in North Korea on the run.