Is Obama An American?

Once again Republicans are returning to questions concerning the birth place of our president. OK, so the state of Hawaii produced his birth certificate, but how do we know if those employed by the state of Hawaii are themselves God fearing Americans? John Sununu, an aide to Mitt Romney is upset that the president casts negative remarks about the candidate of the Republican party. After all, in American politics it is not polite to cast aspersions at your political adversary. “I wish this president would learn how to be an American.”

Yes, it is time for Barack Obama to become an American. For example:

1. It would help if  the president invested his money in the Cayman islands and avoided paying taxes like a true American.

2. It would help if Obama tied his dog to the top of his car when driving as do real Americans.

3. How about Obama going bear hunting with Sarah Palin, he would if the president was a real American.

4. Then again, if Obama was a real American like Governor Perry of Texas, he would know the names of Cabinet departments he wanted to discard, all real Americans know the names of Departments that should be ended. Just  ask Rick if I am right on this issue.

5. Of course, any white man worth a damn would only marry a white skinned girl, as do all real American men.