Is Obama The Joker Or Is The Joke On Him?

Firas Alkhteebder was a political novice who latched onto the campaign of ultra liberal Dennis Kucinch and in the course of his growing anger at the adoration bestowed by liberals on Barack Obama instead of the only true liberal in the campaign, Firas decided to take action. He placed the image of Barack Obama onto a Joker image and placed under the new portrait of wonder, the word, SOCIALISM. The Joker is many things, he represents our fears, our desire to defeat authority, he is the personification of evil, but there is one thing the Joker will never be and that is a SOCIALIST. Where in the world did this young man make this connection, that is like saying Joseph Stalin believed in free love.

The image created by Mr. Alkhatebder has become the darling of right wing kooks who really hate his beloved Kucinch, but, what the heck, one joker is as good as another. Today, Firas argues, “after Obama was elected, you had all these people who basically saw him as the second coming of Christ. From my perspective, there isn’t much substance to him.”

The Joker is a fascinating character, he depicts the humor of those who hate authority teasing their way through destruction of power. Our Joker is at heart the ultimate anarchist, and if he were allowed to express his opinion, there is no doubt he say the hell with all of you politicians. I think the joke is on Firas. Or, are we to believe that Firas is really Batman and will soon swoop down to destroy all forces of evil?