Yes, Americans are celebrating the alleged death of a man known as Osama bin Laden, but there are many questions remaining as to the real identity of this person. Yes, President Barack Obama, a Muslim, has informed the world that a Muslim leader is dead. Is is a coincidence the alleged death of this “Osama bin Laden” came on the anniversary of the death of Adolf Hitler? Is is it a coincidence the death occurs exactly 66 years after the death of Hitler? Is the number, 66, a symbol? President Obama is boasting that the body of this “Osama bin Laden” has been buried at sea, really! We charge the body was NOT buried at sea, but taken to Rosewell, Arizona where Osama bin Laden went on a space ship that took him home to the planet of XUL!

As far as this correspondent knows, NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE has been produced that proves the alleged Osama bin Laden is really Osama bin Laden. How can we be certain without the presence of a birth certificate? Is it possible that Barack Obama (is it a coincidence that if you take away the letter, “b” and substitute the letter, “s” they have the same name) is really a brother of Osama bin Laden? Actually, the family name is NOT Laden, it is OSAMA!

Until the American people are actually shown a body, how can they believe what a Muslim president says is true? SHOW US THE BODY! And, SHOW US THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE! There are simplpy too many unanswered questions about this alleged killing. As far as this correspondent knows, Osama bin Laden is now safely on the planet of XUL.

  • Thinker

    Your an Idiot.

  • Rinku


  • Anonymous

    You mean Roswell, New Mexico, don’t you?

  • CountSpankula

    How convenient that you silly Americans who ‘so suffered’ on 11 Sept’ 2001 that you will oblige the Muslim word by dignifying this mass murderer Osama bin Laden with an ‘at sea burial’; which was alleged to have been already conducted; so…. that no one in the world can uncover the ‘White conspiracy of Obama bin Barrack’? I have been scouring the Internet looking for actual dead body photos of Osama only to find loads of live reels of Osama’s past. Still no dead body pics…Osama bin Laden was supposedly double-tapped just like in Zombieland?…I did see a bloodied mattress, but hell…could have been his sister, right? Show me the Body. This is just another timely lie & fable crafted by the President of the United States who continually lies to the world. C’mon an ‘at sea burial’ folks somebody is outright giving me a tug here….and I think that the Pres’ is so desperate during his re-election mode he is currently in that he’ll stoop this low to give anyone a reach-around just to appease the now low-educated masses of the US to vote for him again….I know…I teach at a well-known major university and the indigenous population fail at critical thinking…..Again where is the body of Osama. Remember dead men do not commit terrorism; so if we see any other acts of terror in the world with Osama bin Laden’s signature we can only conclude that the White house lied and the Navy seal team six can’t do their job.

  • D Charles

    in Laden is dead and we all know it and be sure that conspiracy theorists will do the usual rubbish and as expected, they will be the same group that belong to birthers and other trash.

    Bin Laden was shot, his body was tested for DNA, his photo was given to some of his family for confirmation and as they mentioned, he was uniquely tall, thin and with a strongly identifiable face.

    Arguments questioning why he was buried so quickly and not displayed like the sons of Saddam are also cear, they insulted many before and were not going to do that again as well as ensuring that there is no shrine for Osama.

    I think it is time that the bloggosphere and that certain group of people stop dumbing down America.