Is Pakistan Army Finally Getting Serious?

Throughout the history of Pakistan its army has been primarily concerned with one issue– handling an attack from India. Most Pakistan military unit face eastward toward India rather than be concerned with the issue of terrorism within their nation. Pakistan’s secret service, the ISI has created many terrorist groups such as the Taliban in order to create chaos as well as encourage attacks on Indian targets. Suddenly, it is beginning to dawn on the Pakistan military establishment they have created their own monster. During the past week there have been several attacks by al-Qaeda and the Taliban on Pakistan military and police headquarters as well as bombings of civilians.

Dozens of suspected terrorists were arrested by police in major Pakistan cities as part of a crackdown on terrorism. At least 38 offenders were arrested and a large cache of weapons discovered. Of course, one wonders if the arms discovered in the hands of terrorists came from Pakistan military sources. Hopefully, the Pakistan military is waking up to the reality they are not threatened from the east, they are threatened by themselves.