Is Pakistan Friend Or Foe In Fight Against Taliban?

A new report by the Rand Corporation claims Pakistan intelligence agents and paramilitary forces have not only helped train Taliban insurgents but are providing them with important information about American and Coalition forces fighting in Afghanistan. The study, “Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan,” warned the United States faces “crippling, long term consequences” in Afghanistan if Taliban militants can find refuge inside Pakistan. The report insists NATO officials have uncovered instances of Pakistani intelligence agents “tipping off Taliban forces about the location and movement of Afghan and coalition forces which undermined several U.S. and NATO anti-Taliban operations.” The report stated bluntly that since 1979 every insurgency in Afghanistan has enjoyed sanctuary inside Pakistan. “Right now, the Taliban and other groups are getting help from individuals within Pakistan’s government, and until that ends, the region’s long-term security is in jeopardy.”

Naturally, Pakistan government and military leaders deny everything in the report insisting they are doing everything possible to deal with militants in Afghanistan. Pakistan Interior Ministry chief Rehman Malik insists he has met with Afghan leaders in an attempt to guard the border and General Athar Abbas said “we reject this claim of sanctuaries being aided by Pakistan’s army or intelligence agencies.”

Of course, everyone knows the Taliban is a creation of Pakistan’s military intelligence and that Taliban leaders have close relations with the Pakistan military. Things will not change until there is a clean up of the entire Pakistan military intelligence unit.

  • Nix

    I don’t think anyone other than someone from the region will keep their support for any extended period of time; especially if that friend would be America. Muslims will not cross each other over Christiandom’s advances into the land of Muhammed’s children!