Is Pakistan Our Ally?

Last week Camp Bastion was attacked by Taliban forces in a raid that resulted in death of two US marines and destruction of six planes.This American outpost was heavily guarded, but Taliban soldiers were able to pull off a well coordinated attack. The question arises as to how the Taliban had the skill or pull off this procedure. Marine General Gorgonus believes “it was months in planning” and required extensive coordination and planning.

There is no question these Taliban soldiers spent months in Pakistan preparing the assault. There is no question the Pakistan ISI knew all about the attack and never warned their American “allies.” The central question is what happens when the last American soldier leaves Afghanistan?

The enemy at that point will be the ISI and our ally, Pakistan!!

  • Jennifer N.

    Not only will they be our enemy, but they will re-invade Afghanistan and the past ten years and all the lives lost will be wasted. We need to STOP sending money to Pakistan.