Is Pope Benedict Overwhelmed By Modern Media?

The ongoing problems encountered by Pope Benedict are raising serious concerns within the Vatican where an increasing number of leaders believe the Pope is being overwhelmed by the demands of the modern world and of its issues. After encountering serious public relations problems with his gaffe in allowing a priest who is a Holocaust denier to return to the church, the Pope raised a new furor while on an African tour. He told Africans who are suffering from huge problems with AID that use of condoms only “aggravates the problems.” Many Catholic priests in Africa have quietly been allowing their parishoners to use condoms in an effort to deal with the rapidly spreading problem of infection. Many priests believe the Pope is out of touch with modern problems and his nonstop gaffes are creating a public relations disaster for the Catholic Churh.

Frances Rocca, the Vatican reporter for the Religious News Service, believes that historically the Vatican could retreat into silence when problems arose, but now “the Internet and the blogoshpere won’t wait for the Vatican so the message gets swamped.” There is probably need for the Vatican to bring in priests who are familiar with modern technology.