Is Pope Benedict XVI In Tune With Catholics?

There is a quiet movement spreading across many areas of the Catholic world in which intelligent people are posing questions about the leadership of their church. Several years ago, Buenos Aires approved same sex unions and there currently is a case headed for the nation’s Supreme Court in which a judge ruled national laws banning same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Mexico City has now joined the fight to move the Catholic Church into the 21st century. The Mexico City legislature by a vote of 39 to 20 legalized gay marriage in the city. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard hailed the victory as members of the audience chanted, “yes,” and “we do.” The Democratic Revolutionary party of Ebrard is being challenged by President Felipe Calderon who opposes such legislation and will fight to have it overturned in the Mexico Supreme Court.

The amazing aspect of the vote is it occurring in a Catholic city and passed by devout Catholics. They are sending a message to the Pope that it is time for the church to accept life in the 20th century and cease adhering to ideas which best belong in the dust bin of history.