Is President Bush Planning An Attack On Iran?

Israel Army Radio reported that President Bush intends to attack Iran in the coming months before the end of his term. It quotes a senior member of the Bush entourage which recently concluded talks with the Israel government as saying during a closed session wih Israel leaders and Vice President Dick Cheney, they were told of the president’s desire for war with Iran. However, said the source, both Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoloeezza Rice, opposed the move and were forcing the president to hold off, at least as of this moment.

The source claimed Bush was upset at recent events in Lebanon which he blamed on Iranian influence in the country and insisted “the disease must be treated.” There were no terrorists in Iraq until George Bush created them with his invasion of that country. An attack on Iran would result in hundreds of missiles being fired into Israel costing the lives of thousands of people. It would also result in Hizbullah and Hamas initiating attacks and plunging Israel into a two front war. The president still has not learned from his experience in Iraq the cure can sometimes be worse than the disease.