Is President Karzai Mentally Kaput?

As I faintly recall, under the administration of President Bush, conservatives hailed the presence of President Karzai in Afghanistan as proof that democracy was winning in Asia. Fast forward to 2010 and the same Karzai runs the most corrupt regime in the Middle East, he invites President Ahmadinejad to Kabul in order to let Americans know they can not tell him what to do and allows his brother to be head man of drug dealers in southern areas of Afghanistan. Karzai told the media over the past two weeks that America and NATO nations were out to get him and they were a bunch of foreigners who refused to allow Afghans to run the country. White House spokesperson, Robert Gibbs was confused about the Karzai temper tantrum and commented: “Obviously, some of the comments of President Karzai are troubling. They’re cause for real and genuine concern.”

Karzai’s political opponent, Abdullah Abdulalh, offered an explanation of the weird behavior of the president. “As a former colleague(he served as Foreign Minister under Karzai) and doctor, I think this is beyond the normal attitude.” In other words, is a sicko in charge of Afghanistan?

Karzai recently admitted there was corruption and fraud in the last presidential election, but blamed the UN and America for these problems. We repeat, is there a sicko in charge of Afghanistan?