Is President Musharraf A Relic Of The Past?

Asif Ali Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan Peoples Party, told the India Trust that President Musharraf was a “relic of the past” and there is tremendous pressure on the new Pakistan government to ensure his ouster from office. The people were telling his party, “we don’t want bread, we don’t want electricity, but we want him out.” Zardari complained that for months he has been attempting to avoid a constitutional crisis and find a way to reconcile the demands for ouster of Musharraf with national needs for continuity, but the pressure was simply mounting for action on the position of President Musharraf. Although, Musharraf has taken off his uniform, he is stil regarded as a military man who endeavored to keep power in his hand while refusing to recognize other institutions like the Pakistan court system.

Zardari discussed Pakistan needs for reconciliation with India and devlopment of energy projects in border regions which would be benefial to both nations, but “I cannot work if there is an impasse between myself and the president.”

President Musharraf told leaders of his party that he would not continue in office if he was merely a “relic of the past.” Perhaps, both sides have now reached a common understanding of what must be done to move ahead.