Is PREVENT In Your Neighborhood?

A British program named Preventing Violent Extremism–PREVENT– is nothing other than a clever disguise by the government to gather information about innocent citizens who happen to be Muslim. The program was launched three years ago with the goal of preventing people from being lured into the al-Qaeda movement. Police and government officials deny the $250,000,000 program involves gathering information about the lives, thoughts, and beliefs of innocent Muslims. For example:

In the Midlands, a mental health project gathered information from patients and sent that data to the police.

In a college, a students who attended a meeting dealing with the Gaza invasion led to his teacher reporting his name to authorities.

A nine year old boy was identified as showing signs of extremism and was “deprogrammed.”

A youth project in London was under pressure to provide names and details about Muslim youth to authorities.

In Birmingham, 80 people were reported to authorities for displaying signs of “extremism.”

PREVENT is the personification of the world of 1984 in which Big Brother decides who is or is not a “terrorist.” Once identified as a “terrorist” you are one because the authorities said you were.

What ever happened to the England of years gone by which was a refuge for political extremists like Karl Marx?