Is Redskin OK?

I have spent 83 years of life using the expression, Washington Red Skins and now discover that its use simply insults a lot of people. I have been advised to employt he expression, Native American. Let me get this straight, I should call those whose ancestors were on the North American continent by the name, Native American. The word, “Indian” apparently is an insulting term, but Native American is not. Of course, the word, “American” derives from an Italian whose name was Amerigo Vespucci. So, if I call them the Washington Native Americans rather than the Washington Redskins, it means that I am politically correct.

I just do not understand why referring to Indians as of Italian background makes any more sense than calling them Indians. If you want to  be correct, call them Sioux or Iroquois or Delaware. So, from now on, they are the Washington Iroquois!