Is Russian Mouse Becoming A Lion?

Russian President Dimitry Medvedev has spent his first year in office working very diligently not to annoy Prime Minister Putin, the real ruler of Russia, Suddenly, Medvedev has begun to make intelligent remarks which indicate he wants to confront serious issues within his nation. In a startling admission a few days ago, he complained his nation was run by corrupt officials and many businessmen did nothing other than live off the sale of raw materials. He told a group of Russian experts, “corrupt officials run Russia. They have the true power in Russia.” He warned that corruption “has a systematic nature, deep historic roots. We should squeeze it out. The battle isn’t easy but it has to be fought.”

Some observers see evidence of a young Mikhail Gorbachev who is really responsible for the end of the Cold War and transforming Russia into a semi-democracy. Medvedev understands Russia can not continue relying on raw materials for its wealth, but must become a modern technological society. If he pursues this path of leadership, it is bound to annoy Vladmir Putin, his prime minister.