Is Sarah Palin For Real?

FOX News has decided to take a stand for human rights by offering Sarah Palin an opportunity to be a political analyst. This is akin to asking Mark McGuire to be a spokesman for the fight against steroid use in sports. She was interviewed by Bill O’Reilly, the man who speaks the truth as long as the truth reveals scandals and incompetence on the part of liberals and Democrats. Ms. Palin responded to charges by Mark Halperin and John Heilermann in their book, Game Change, that she was unprepared for engaging in debates or responding to reporter interviews. She said the authors were merely trying to “gin up controversy and spin up gossip” and made clear “the rest of America doesn’t care about that crap.” The authors claim while practicing for her debate with some guy she constantly believed was “Joe O’Biden” that the former Alaska governor did not know the difference between North Korea and South Korea nor did she even know who was fighting in Iraq.

Let’s be honest, Sarah Palin is the only person who stands up for the “real American citizen.” After all, how many of them know the difference between the two Koreas, let alone the difference between a Sunni or Shiite Muslim? It is time for America to finally stand up for truth and elect a person who doesn’t know anything about the world. Once ignorance is the norm in the White House, we can sleep in peace knowing that incompetents are in charge and this will result in better government. After all, if supposedly competent people were leading this nation during the early years of the past decade, we wouldn’t have our current problems. Restore ignorance and allow a gun toting mom to run America!