Is Saudi Arabia The Solution Or, The Problem?

The American government enjoys selling billions of dollars of airplanes and advanced weapons to our beloved ally, Saudi Arabia, the bastion of freedom in the Middle East. On one hand, American and NATO men and women are fighting in Asia against militants, while on the other hand, those insurgents have been educated and supplied by Saudi Arabia. Recently, in Astrakhan, a group of Islamic militants attacked police and conducted guerrilla raids because they are part of the Wahhabi branch of the Muslim religion that is mainly centered in Saudi Arabia and uses that nation’s oil money to build schools all over Asia in which children are educated to hate the West and to engage in a jihad whose aim is creation of Sharia law nations throughout the region. Police in Astrakhan were able to kill the head of this Wahhabi group but remaining followers continue spreading their hate and violence. Visit any madrassa in Asia and one encounters children being brain-washed by Wahhabi clerics who preach the doctrine of violence and hate, not that of love and tolerance.

It is time nations throughout the world ended their dependence on oil and, in so doing, ended the power of Wahhabi hatred. Saudi Arabia has done more to spread violence than Pakistan, but its oil makes the West remain silent. Look to Arabia, not toward Afghanistan if peace is your goal.