Is Swearing Bad?

I am from the streets of the Bronx where use of such choice words as, fuck, or shit or bastard and other such sundry words of wisdom are part of our normal employment of the English language. I was not surprised that female members of the Turkish Parliament are up in arms because male members make use of not-so-nice Turkish words and hurt the feelings of women. They claim men are using “obscene” language on the floor of the legislature. A group issued a statement to their male companions which made clear, “we reject all disrespectful behaviors and all swearwords used inside Parliament. We express that we find these very ugly. Please don’t swear, please don’t use women in swear words.”

Sorry ladies, if you seek to represent a nation then you will have to represent all those who reside within it. Some, such as myself, enjoy using swearwords because those expressions more accurately convey our feelings,our moods and our anger. Join the angry majority who are tired of being fucked over by the wealthy of any nation. It is disrespectful to allow children to go without food or medical care, those are acts of fucking the poor.