Is The Afghan Govt The Taliban or Vice Versa?

All too often in American history the solution is to send more troops because we Americans invariably believe just a few more troops will solve the situation. Even during the last stages of the Vietnam war, conservatives insisted the problem could be solved with another 500,000 troops. In southern Afghanistan, Taliban forces roam at will and are more apt to be trusted than those in the Afghan government. A large land owner told Americans “the Taliban were not good, but these people now–the government– they are thieves and killers.” A former government official put it this way, “in some areas they are Taliban at night and government officials by day, no one can protect you from the Taliban.”

At this point in time, it is to the advantage of the Taliban to allow the Karzai government to “rule the nation” since they know the result will be chaos, anger, and a desire to ask the Taliban to take over. What exactly does President Obama believe will happen with 30,000 or 70,000 more troops? The Taliban run rural Afghanistan and that is the majority of the country. Perhaps, instead of sending in the troops we might send in people who want to develop Afghanistan’s economy.