Gard Forsgren was driving her car when suddenly a drunken man jumped in and placed a stranglehold around her neck causing her to shout for help. Per-Anders Pettersson saw the attack, took a jack from his car and rushed to the scene. He yanked the assailant from the car and his him first on the shoulder and then on the head with the jack. A court has sentenced, not the assailant, but Mr. Pettersson to a one year jail term for aggravated assault. Court documents indicate both the assailant and Pettersson did have prior knowledge of one another. The decision has unleashed a fury of anger within Sweden. Gard Forsgren, the 69 year-old woman, expressed the view of many. “He has been treated dreadfully and unjustly. Would it have been better if this other man had strangled me?”

The court argument apparently revolves around issues that there was prior knowledge between the men and the second blow inflicted serious harm.