Is The London Metropolitan Police Force Racist?

During the past few years, there have been repeated claims by members of London’s Metropolitan police force concerning racist practices against those of Asian backgrounds. The highest ranking person of Asian background is currently going through the process of instituting charges of racism. An Asian detective who has been locked in a battle with Scotland Yard lost his appeal against a decision which cleared the police of charges they victimized him. Detective Sergeant Gurpal Virdi has won a few cases dealing with his numerous charges of discrimination but lost this one. He also alleges colleagues victimized him by lack of support, subjected him to unfair scrutiny and ostracised him because of his complaints.

In all such cases, there may be truth, but there are also cases in which individuals insist on racism due to personal factors that have scant bearing on the racial issue. There appears to be ongoing problems which may or may not stem from discrimination. How does an organization separate personal issues from those of racism is most probably the real issue in this case.