Is the “N-Word” Offensive?

An association in Sweden that works for African rights is upset because a state agency wants to preserve the name of a neighborhood called “Negem”(the Negro) in the Swedish town of Karlstad. “I’m extremely upset. the N-word is racist and this just confirms the nature of Sweden today, said Kitimbwa Sabuni of the National Afro-Swedish Association. A private citizen in the town asked for state agency to decide if there was need for a name change because he believed it was offensive to black people. The name Negem was chosen in 1866 when the town was designating certain parts of the community.

First of all, the word, “Negro” was perfectly acceptable in American history and was the word used by progressive forces in the country. It never had the connotation of “nigger” which was always used in a derogatory manner. If one reads the speeches of Martin Luther King, he always used the word Negro. Perhaps, revisionists would like to revise the speeches of King and remove the word he believed was appropriate.

This is the silly season in operation.