The Republican party out of power enables its leaders to clearly demonstrate the only concern of Republicans is maintaining power. The current political debate in which Republicans have failed to announce a single logical idea dealing with the need for health care in America enables the nation to finally understand it has been years since Republicans expressed a concern for their nation and its issues. For example:

1. Republicans insist Barack Obama’s health care proposal is an example of “socialism.” Actually, there are only two clear examples of socialized medicine in the world — the British National Health Insurance plan and the American Veterans Administration health care plan for veterans. VA doctors are hired by the Federal government and they provide health care based on government decisions and guidelines. Most veterans believe they receive good care and drug costs of the VA are much lower for its clients than drug costs for those in other health plans. Is the Republican Party opposed to continuance of the VA health program?

2. The Republican Party has failed to issue a single idea on how to provide health care for the forty five million without health insurance other than George Bush’s famous remark they can go to the Emergency Ward. America awaits a Republican plan about dealing with those lacking health insurance. Will it ever come?

3. The key topic among Republican talk show hosts this week deals with– is Barack Obama a real American born citizen and the behavior of a Harvard professor and a policeman. Aside from being the silly season, these are non-issues when our nation needs leadership.

4. This generation of Americans is not familiar with the greatness of the Republican party and its advocacy of ideas to deal with important issues. For example:
a. Theodore Roosevelt is the one who began national conservation.
b. Theodore Roosevelt and Republicans like Senator Bob LaFollette urged legislation to allow the Federal government to regulate large business. Among the ideas coming from Republicans were child labor laws, regulation of working conditions, the right of Americans to join unions, regulation of hours women worked, tenement housing laws, etc.. Yes, my friends, this is what REPUBLICANS USED TO FIGHT FOR IN AMERICA! Today, they are concerned about birth certificates.
c. In 1940, after Wendell Wilkie lost the presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt, he became an envoy for the president, traveled the world working for America and wound up writing a book entitled, “One World.”
d. It was Dwight Eisenhower in his last speech who warned America about the “military industrial” alliance which threatened this nation. By the way, Eisenhower was the only president in the past fifty years who CUT the military budget.

If you really are a Republican, head for the nearest door.

  • Bam

    What a crock of shit!
    The Republicans have introduced multiple ideas–that have been discounted and pushed aside for the “OTHER option.”

    –a communist style take over of the whole industry to “make it fair” which is the most ridiculous, unrealistic, naive, costly, catastrophic, proposals that we have ever seen. In ten years you tell me this was a good idea and I guarantee you will be lying.

  • Fred Stopsky

    The Obama plan maintains the existing system of health insurance for those who seek that option. This is hardly a “socialist” stance.