Is The United States Guilty Of Violating Laws?

The United Nations has decided to initiate investigations into whether or not use of drone planes violates international law. There is no question that drone attacks have not only led to the death of militants, they have caused the death of hundreds of innocent civilians. Earlier this year, Ben Emmerson, a UN special  rappoteur, in a speech at the Harvard Law School said killing of civilians who were attending funerals could be construed as an example of a war crime. “together with my  colleague Christof Heyns(Un special rappoteur on extra-judician killlings), I will be launching an investigation unit withint he special  procedures of the Un Human Rights Council to inquire into drone attacks.”

Mr. Emmerson also noted;

Secret detention is unlawful as a matter of international law.

Waterboarding is always  torture. Torture is an international crime.

When  will the United States accept the concept of international law?