Is There A Camera On Your Block?

In the recent British election, Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg made a point for the need to end what he termed “the surveillance society” in which Big Brother government installs cameras and other tracking devices in the name of saving the United Kingdom from “terrorists.” Hundreds of new cameras were recently installed in Birmingham, but for some strange reason they were only placed in areas which have high Muslim populations. Police told anyone who complained the cameras were only being installed to prevent “burglary and crime. ” However, funding for the cameras came from the Terrorism and Allied Matters Fund which is designed to monitor potential terrorists. In fact, police have to offer evidence there is a terrorist threat to even apply for funding. The newly installed cameras will ensure that people in the targeted area will have every move they make monitored as they go from place to place.

I assume it is merely a coincidence the cameras were installed in areas which are predominantly Muslim. After all, if one is a Muslim, there is no doubt one is a potential terrorist. Big Brother by any name is still an intrusion into the lives of innocent people. My concern is why are cameras only being installed outside, why not have a camera in the home of every Muslim resident? You never know what those Muslims have underneath their pajamas.