Is There A Chance For Democracy In Egyp.t?

Mohamed El-Barardi, former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) threw his hat into the ring of Egypt’s political arena and will run for the presidency. Under the title, “Together We Will Change,” he demanded that his nation truly have a democratic election. He wants an end to the state of emergency, judicial supervision of the election and that all candidates have equal access to the media in order to present their views. He also urged a change in the Constitution in order to ensure that no one could be president for more than two terms. Among the needs for democracy in Egypt is mobilizing the public to participate in the electoral process.

Most democracies have the processes desired by El Barardi but to see them in action in Egypt would be a tremendous step forward in bringing democracy to Middle Eastern Arab nations. Actually, it would also prove there was no need to initiate a war in Iraq to push democracy and there was no need to kill the innocent. Just allow the innocent to have access to a free and democratic election.