Is There A Chinese Word For ‘Mistake?”

The Chinese government continues its stonewalling policy of denying there are any problems in Tibet rather than admitting mistakes were made and they will be addressed in the future. Such an approach would be welcomed by the world as evidence China is pursuing the path of democracy. Instead, Quan Bo, of the Chinese Mission to the UN in Geneva, once against insisted Tibet enjoys peace and prosperity under the benevolent rule of China. He insisted the Tibet issue was neither a religious or human rights one, but arose out of dissident groups which endeavor to create an independent Tibet. Bo was particularly upset at the “biased comments” of other delegates who were trying to transform the debate into one dealing with human rights.

According to Bo, “the progress and achievements made in Tibet are facts that cannot be written off by lies and libels.” As always any deaths were attributed to the “Dalai Lama clique” which wants an independent Tibet.

No one denies that many feudal aspects of Tibet life have been changed by China, no one denies there is now a more sophisticated system of education, but fundamental issues of human rights require Tibetans to made their own decisions and certainly most want the return of the Dalai Lama.