Is There A Flying Car In Your Future?

Trapped in a massive traffic jam and muttering curses under your breath as you read this story? Sick and tired of driving ten miles per hour while inhaling gas fumes? Ready to take a flying leap into the future? Indian car manufacturer. A.K. Vishwanath, has taken the Japanese Maruti 800 car which was the first small car to impact the people of India back in the 19080s and applied some tricky changes which will allow a driver to shift gears and fly upward rather than continue going ahead into the traffic jam. He placed rotating blades on the four corners of the roof, and a vacuum section around the tires which will allow drivers to go upward into the air. “I built the technique which will give my car vertical lift capabilities.” Of course, as of this date, the theory has not been put into practice and we do not have any pictures of a flying car, but, what the heck, it is an interesting concept.

Those who are old enough fondly remember the “Flying Jetsons” who flew around the sky. My question is whether once cars fly will there be “flying cops” and will they hand out tickets? On the other hand, I wonder why we Americans once again are not the innovators when it comes to cars.