Is There A Ford In Toronto’s Future?

I was raised in an era when Irish politicians ran the city of New York which meant if you were poor there was always a nice guy who would go down to the police station to inform the cops he knew the parents and they voted the right way so let the boy go free. Heck, an Irish politician even got me off the hook at age 13 for stealing comic books, my only punishment was a few whacks in the head by Mr. McDonald. So, my heart goes out to Mayor Rob Ford of the nice city of Toronto, Canada which is blessed with the presence of a great Irish politician who has the normal approach to liquor that is required from Irish pols. He so loves to drink, and being a modern Irish politician, Rob adds the flavor of a little smack. And, when I say, smack, I do not mean a physical assault. More like something one smokes to get high with good feelings.

Rob was censured by the Toronto City Council for a video which showed him getting high on smack cocaine. They stripped him of most powers and Rob wound up in rehab. Well, the Ford is back and his voter numbers are rising so he is now third in the race for another term this October. From my perspective, a drunken Irish politician is worth a hundred sober Republican congressmen. At least Rob’s heart is in the right place, he cares about people. God Bless Rob, at least he gives residents of the city of Toronto with a good laugh, now and then. All I get from sober Republicans is a kick in the ass when it comes to health or earnings!