Is There A Jackbooted IRS Agent In Your Future?

We have received reports from those in the know about IRS plans that even as these words are being written, an army estimated at about 16,000 agents are in training in order to enforce the SOCIALIST Barack Obama healthcare plan. As American now understand, the new SOCIALIST healthcare plan will compel those over the age of 55 to appear before special DEATH PANELS in order to explain whey they should be allowed to live. This is part of the Obama plan to reduce unemployment. After all, why should a committed SOCIALIST halt at removing the unemployed forever?

This special force of 16,000 men and women clad in black jackets and wearing black boots, will shortly descend upon anyone who is a member of the Tea Party and whisk them away to special camps that are being constructed in the Rocky Mountains where they will work in gold mines in order to assist WALL STREET BANKERS whose names happen to be Goldman or Garfinkel or Summers. We leave it to our knowledgeable readers to unravel this ZIONIST PLOT led by Rabbis to take control of the world.

To those who seek to defend this nation against Jackbooted Police, please make sure to watch Glenn Beck and FOX news in order to get at the truth.