Is There A Mosque In Your Future?

I was informed by a member of my family that allowing construction of a mosque at Ground Zero was an insult to those who died at 9/11. I assume those holding this position believe all Muslims in America are, by definition, guilty or somehow linked to the murders of 9/11. At a meeting held in New York City to discuss the topic, a woman shouted at Mayor Bloomberg, “don’t glorify murders of 3,000, no 9/11 mosque.” I assumed the mosque was an effort by American Muslims to demonstrate compassion and solidarity with fellow Americans, but if one pursues the anti-Mosque hysteria, building a house of worship is some sort of insult to someone. I was shocked to learn the Anti-Defamation League came out against the project. Ordinarily, a Jewish group dedicated to fighting bigotry would not ally itself with bigots.

If I follow reasoning of those opposed to the mosque, American Muslims are in some way linked to evil by other Muslims. Am I to assume:

1. No Catholic Church will be constructed at Ground Zero since we don’t want those who died to be insulted by a church which contains priests who sodomize children.

2. No synagogue will be constructed at Ground Zero in order to avoid having those who died insulted by Jews who deny equal rights to Israeli Arabs and steal land from Muslims in violation of international law.

3. No institution will be constructed at Ground Zero which has funds obtained from Republicans. I do not believe those who died at Ground Zero wish money from people who support bigots like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to build anything that is close to where their body lies.

An American Muslim is an American citizen. Period.