Is There A Mosque In Your Neighborhood??

There was a gathering in Denver, Colorado of a Western Conservative Summit to discuss important issues confronting the world and the United States of America. Noted Dutch anti-Muslim critic, Geert Wilders was invited to offer his insights into modern problems. State Senator Kevin Grantham  came away from the Summit convinced the number one problem facing America is construction of new mosques in our midst. Latest reports indicate there are at least two mosques in the state of Colorado which terrifies the state senator.

Wilders once again charged the Muslim religion and the culture of Islam were “antithetical to the American way.” Grantham and Wilders do have a point concerning the Muslim religion. If one compares Christianity and the Muslim religion in the 20th century just examine the evidence:


World War I which left at least 30,000,00 dead.

World War II which left at least 50,000,000 dead.

The Holocaust which left 6,000,000 dead Jews.

Stalin Russia which left at least 10,000,000 dead.

Wars in Bosnia which left thousands dead and thousands of women raped.


About 20,000 dead Israel Jews.

Maybe a hundred Israel Jewish women raped.

The evidence is clear, Christianity can out perform the Muslim religion in killing any year of the century.