Is There A New Leader In Egypt?

Egypt contains hundreds of thousands of well educated people and a strong business community but it is hampered by an inefficient government run by President Mubarak which is unable to shake loose from corruption and inefficiency. The return to Egypt of one of its brightest sons, Mohamed ElBaradei, who heads the UN atomic energy commission, has awakened hope in the nation because finally there is an intelligent and world recognized political leader to challenge President Mubarak. He was greeted by hundreds of Egyptians who welcomed his arrival as a sign of hope. He quietly told the group, “I am worried that people have reached such a level of despair that they are waiting for one person to save them, but I would like Egypt to save itself.” Nobel words, but reality is the need for an important person to stand up against Mubarak and challenge him to hold honest, free elections.

Many opposition leaders warn Elbaredei he is up against a government establishment that will not surrender power in any graceful manner, let alone, even contemplate surrendering it under duress. Baradei already has warned the Muslim Brotherhood he rejects their stand against Christians running for public office and he seeks to unite those of disparate views and ideas to join in coalition that could challenge Mubarak.

Most probably thousands are supporting him because he is not connected with Mubarak or the son waiting in the wings to assume office when his father dies.