Is There A Satan In Your Closet?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is upset at Russia for making deals with the devil. His nation made a deal with the non-devil, Russia, but it turns out the non-devil is really a devil in sheep’s clothing. Iran signed a deal to purchase anti-missile weapons and the deal is not being carried out. “Some people, ” said Ahmadinejad, “are influenced by Satan, they thought the Iranian nation would be harmed if they unilaterally and illegally stop or cancel defense contracts.” President Medvedev of Russia told Iran that due to UN sanctions against sale of weapons to Iran, his nation was unable to fulfill the contract, and in his interpretation that did not constitute failing to carry out a contract.

Russia is now on the Satan list of Iran. Ahmadinejad will be closely watching how Satan works in Russia. However, if the Russians wish to get rid of Satan in their nation, just carry out the contract.