Is There A Silver Lining For Silvio?

I have always believed one should accept another person’s right to enjoy a private life away from the scrutiny of the press. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insists his frequent interactions with a seventeen year old girl and attending her 18th birthday party where he gave her a $10,000 necklace are just the way he enjoys the company of teenagers. Of course, some of us in our seventies get weary listening to the music and voices of teenagers, but Silvio is a man for all seasons and all girls. Silvio told reporters there was no truth to their stories he has a steamy relationship with Noemi Letizia. She is an attractive young woman, and he simply likes to be in the presence of attractive young women. After all, a man worth billions does not consider giving young girls expensive necklaces as anything other than an ordinary man buying a coke for a teenager.

Ordinarily, the Catholic Church in Italy has been a strong supporter of Silvio but now they are making comments about the model he presents to young people. I think Silvio offers a wonderful model to youth. Get a billion, buy your way to power, and you can fool around with teenagers to your heart’s content. What the heck is wrong with that model?

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I don’t know if Silvio has done anything other than give little Noemi anything other than a peck on her cheek. I just think it is wonderful that a man in his seventies has the energy to keep up with the antics of a teenager. God Bless him. I wish I had his energy.