Is There A Viable Nation Of Afghanistan?

The United States and NATO forces have spent the better part of a decade attempting to bring stability to Afghanistan. There are pockets of success, but overall, the vast majority of Afghans still reside in areas where national forces might be able to establish a temporary presence, but few areas are absolutely  safe from the Taliban. Candace Rondweaux, of the International Crisis Group, emphasizes, “time is running out. Plagued by factionalism and corruption, Afghanistan is far from ready to assume responsibility for  security when US and NATO forces withdraw in 2014

There will be an election in 2014 but hardly by standards of fairness. The current group of thieves and corrupt officials will ensure retention of power which means the average person will never see an improvement in their lives. So, what to do? Depart without ensuring stability?

Years ago George Kennan responded to Republican claims that President Trumans had “lost China to communism” by noting: “China was not ours to lose.” Ditto for Afghanistan.