Is There A War In Libya?

A few weeks ago the media was reporting NATO air strikes and stories of Muammar Gaddafi preparing to depart his nation for the sanctuary of the Riviera or some place where he could enjoy the good life with some buxom ladies, but these days, no one hears about NATO planes or NATO war materials pouring into the besieged Libyan rebels. Although NATO supposedly controlled the skies, some Libyan planes bombed the oil dumps at Misrata and now that city is without fuel. There are unconfirmed reports of Italy preparing to send war materials to the rebels, but that is denied. Of course, these days a denial might be an announcement of support just as an announcement of support could mean lack of interest. Isn’t it about time, NATO or President Obama or someone decided on some sort of policy in Libya before all the rebels get killed?

Of course, President Obama is reviewing the situation and when he gets ready there will be an announcement of a SEALS raid on Muammar Gaddafi’s compound and he will turn up dead. Perhaps. We would not be on that outcome.