Is There An Israel Mandela?

There is no comparison in terms of human depravity with the murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust. South Africans endured the horror of Apartheid and its brutality. If one reviewed the history of slavery in terms of how many died, then one might envision a parallel. Perhaps, it is time for Israel to take a step back and enter into the mind of Nelson Mandela. If he was able to forgive and offer friendship to those who tortured and killd his friends and himself, perhaps, it is time for Israelis to forgive Palestinians who hated and murdered. By reaching out to those who are willing to move away from violence, then the people of Israel will surpass the limits of hate.

We all can transform ourselves by challlenging our emotions of pain and become something other. As Jews we believe God placed us on Earth to become models of decency and love. Let us lead such lives.